Night Club Torpedo Trade Fair Stand


Don't miss visiting the Night Club Torpedo Trade Fair Stand at Kurant. Here you will be able to recieve all needed information about the new most eclectic party venue in the whole Arctic Region!

Open Today (Thursday) and Friday 16:00 - 18:00
You can also buy your personal ticket to the exhibition Nothing will grow together because nothing belongs together taking place at Olavsvern Naval Base including entrance to the real Night Club Torpedo on this coming Saturday or Sunday (YOUR LAST CHANCE!).

This is also the place to buy the special designed torpedo formed USB-stick containing all tracks & tunes specifically composed for Night Club Torpedo by the owner of the club.

(NB: Authentic sound recordings from the Olavsvern Naval Base included)! Please note that we have left free space on the USB for you to store all your favourite visual night club memories and notes: Either place the torpedo in your pocket or simply hang it from your belt with the attached keyhanger).

You are also welcome to pass by and buy yourself a sticker (different sizes available) or maybe one of our Night Club Torpedo Coffee Cups to warm yourself and your soul after long Saturday Nights in the mountain! - Or what about a Night Club Torpedo pen to write down your address, name, or maybe your phone number the next time you're back in the club? But hurry up; our stocks are quickly running out of merchandises.

Free flyers also available.

NIGHT CLUB TORPEDO is a project by Kirsten Astrup and a part of "Nothing will grow together because nothing belongs together", an art project taking place in the former NATO Naval Base Olavsvern.