06.04.2013 til 14.04.2013

by Magnus Monfeldt


A monkey trapped in a cage. A monkey with an unwanted alter ego, as your eternal sidekick. As someone who'd never give you a rest. A man-sized monkey on your back, bogging you down. A monkey that would not hesitate to make a monkey out of you. The monkey that is you. If there are two of you, at least you can share the pain, no? Or has it doubled?

This is a series of works about a dear friend; his name was Monkey Babe. On a good day Monkey Babe ruled the world. If you met him, you would never forget him. The king of the hill, the life of the party, the one who gets you another drink when you didn't know you needed it. On a bad day Monkey Babe didn't even have the decency to stick around and help pick up the pieces.

I was born in small town Sweden forty years ago and moved to Amsterdam in 1997 to study for my MFA. Various influences such as German made westerns, academic memory research and cheesy rock music are utilized to shape highly personal stories about identity, death and loss. In my work, comedy and tragedy are merely two sides of the same coin. Just like in life itself.



Magnus Monfeldt er invitert av Kurant til Troms fylke og Kulturkontakt Nords Nordisk-Baltiske Artist-in-Residence program.
Han har deltatt i gruppeutstillinger på Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (2012), Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago (2011), Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (2010), UKS, Oslo (2009), Film Base, Dublin (2007) og Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg (2006), samt hatt separatutstillinger på ACAF Alexandria Contemporary Art Forum (2010), SMBA Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (2008 & 2002), Motive Gallery, Amsterdam (2005) og Örebro Konsthall (2004).
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Kurant vil også meddele at vi har fått forlenget støtte fra Norsk Kulturråd, og dermed er sikret drift ut 2014!