Credit: Camilla Fagerli

Kurant Naust og Fiskemottak invite you to join us. We are a dynamic art collective, and will participate in a takeover of part of Tromsø Kunstforening, in August.



Last year, the collective Kurant Naust og Fiskemottak was formed to take over the boathouse in Muséparken in Tromsø. Kurant Naust og Fiskemottak was a non-hierarchical arts collective made up of 10 artists. The work produced was experimental, process-based and operated on a ‘leave no trace’ policy. Everything which took place under the ‘Naust og Fiskemottak’ banner was agreed upon through consensus decision-making – everyone within the collective had a voice and equal say. As artists and a collective we commit ourselves to being present and open for critique and discussions which might appear during the project period, both within and outwith, and be responsive and responsible towards the public, and reflect on what that means. The project was initiated by Kurant Visningsrom.



In the summer, Tromsø Kunstforening has arranged an ‘archive exhibition’, where the whole building will be used to exhibit art. The archive exhibition will consider the history and legacy of Muségata 2 and the Kunstforening, local artists and community. Kurant has been invited in as an external actor to curate a programme and use ‘Sundsalen’ on the first floor, TKF, during the period 14th –31st August, as we wish. Kurant is one of three cultural actors who have been invited to take over this space across the summer, longside Tromsø Open and Open Out Festival. 



The collective is now inviting more artists to join the project and exhibition at Tromsø Kunstforening. There is a flat artist’s fee of 5000 NOK and a common budget pool for production expenses. We want you to be able to join weekly meetings and be based in Tromsø during this time, and be part of the discussion and collective forming of the project.


Thematically we will build on the intentions and ‘Naust Artists’ Statement’ from 2019, and consider how we ‘forene’ – how we unite, are together and build community and solidarity?


Please send us some words on how you would like to work with us and why this project resonates with you, a CV and 1 relevant link (website etc). Be ready for your first meeting with Naust & Fiskemottak on July 1st 18:00


Deadline: Monday 29 June (MIDNIGHT!!) 

Send to: