Selektor Festival

22.09.2018 til 29.09.2018

Kurant is delighted to be working in collaboration with Selektor Festival to bring three artists based in Tromsø, northern Norway, to create and present work in Arkhangelsk.

Eirik Abri will lead a two week workshop in 'Electronic Music' and will exhibit work on the festival day. His practise is informed by the idea of collage as an ideological tool, allowing him to deconstruct and reconstruct image material, objects, sound, video and text to compose imagery and music that resonates with his experience of contemporary society. He explores everyday liminal experiences - the transitions, transformations, and transgressions connected to our sense of self, memory, and reality - oscillating between formal and conceptual ideas, with intuition as a guide. This process has among other things lead him to investigate the hyper-realities of computer-generated imagery, and to rediscover music production through live improvisation, sampling and looping. 

Abri spent a year at Vilde Von Krogh's Prosjektskolen in Oslo and then continued at the sister school Strykejernet Kunstskole for two years, before gaining a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at Tromsø Academy Of Contemporary Art in 2017. He has produced several solo exhibitions, published two artist books and released multiple recordings with LAWN, The Revolt, Kids That Kill and other music projects. In 2017 he exhibited as the official ILIOS artist alongside Liza Morozova (RU) and Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl (NO) at Galleri NordNorge in Harstad, and the same year was granted a one-year residency at the Troms Fylkeskommune's Studio For Establishing Artists.

Malin Lin Nordström is a Swedish/Taiwanese artist working with performance, installation, sound and new media. She will complete a two week residency in Arkhangelsk in collaboration between Selektor and Kurant, before exhibiting at the festival. 

Throughout her life, Malin has been fascinated by the way we make meaning, identity and relationships. Her work investigates concepts such as the routines and repetitions of day-to-day life, rituals and spirituality in a secular context, relationships in digital media, and the impact of work and employment on our emotional life. She works mainly with performance, installation, sound and new media.

Malin recently completed an artist residency and solo exhibition in northern Japan, previously having exhibited in Tromsø, Oslo, Gothenburg and Vilnius. Malin is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Art at Tromsø Academy of Art and was previously educated in Printmaking at Gothenburg School of Art and Digital Photography at Valand Academy of Arts. She is part of the coordinating and curating of shows at Snerk Galleri, Tromsø. Her next solo show will take place in Bergen, Norway in October 2018. 

Liliana Borge will exhibit at the Festival. As hearing is such a natural part of our senses, her work seeks to find new ways of seeing and feeling sound. Inspired by sound artists, musicians and scientists, she works with sound waves, frequencies and vibrations to understand sound’s materiality, its appearance and the objects that make it. Other inspirational influences are mythology, elements, esoterism and physics.

Most recently Borge had her first international solo exhibition “Everyday Stories” in Reykjavik, Iceland, previously having exhibited in Tromsø, Senja and Oslo, and as part of the collaborative workshop between KORO and Thomas Hirschhorn in 2017. She is currently undertaking her Bachelor’s in Contemporary Art at Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and was previously educated at Prosjektskolen, Christiania Kunstakademi and the Nordic Institute of Scene and Studio.