Spectres of Space: A focus on the work of Nazare Soares


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Screening, live music, conversation and bar (licence pending)
We don’t know what the future brings, or when we can meet, where we can meet, how we can meet, in the coming months, so we are taking this opportunity to come together and to show a lot of really wonderful art and we hope you will join us. There will be a bar, there will be the lovely Nazare Soares (by zoom), there will be conversations, there will be images - most of them moving, though not always swiftly.


A screening with live music of the work of artist Nazare Soares, framed by a conversation between Tromsø-based curator and producer Sarah Schipschack, and Nazare Soares, who will join us via zoom.

We were incredibly disappointed when we had to cancel Nazare’s performance screening ‘I am Half Sick of Shadows’ due to the impossibilities of safe travel for Nazare and the musicians attached to the project - particularly as Sarah and Nazare have been working for over two years to bring the project to Tromsø. Instead of canceling the project outright, we invited Sarah and Nazare to present her work in a different context and have a conversation around the process, themes, and ideas running through Nazare’s work.

 Screening of the films 'Red Voyage for a Solo Bass' (20:53)  and 'The Bells Toll' (24:08)  by Nazaré Soares

Film score composed by Andreas Elvenes and Ada Hoel

Performed live by Tromsø-based cellist Bernt Simen Lund


 Nazaré Soares (Spain) is an artist and curator, working around notions of invisibility, imperceptibility, and magic engineering. Her research and practice When the Spell is Broken, from 2014 and onwards, is developed from her interest in systems of interconnectivity deeply grounded in topographies of imaginary spaces. How mediation and translation processes within ontologies of these systems coexist with the body, language, landscape, and invisible architectures. Her practice interweaves, psychoacoustic and cinematic spaces, speculative design and performance arts, incubating spaces for ritual, and incubation means.

 Sarah Schipschack (DE/NO) is a film curator, programmer, and producer, based in Tromsø. During the last 20 years Schipschack has established several initiatives to develop, produce and present film; experimental film - Artists' Moving Image. She initiated a film production company in Germany focussing on artist moving images, Vitakuben, and she is responsible for the program of Polar Film Lab (Tromsø), which is an initiative for analogue film.

Bernt Simen Lund works as a cellist in the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra in Tromsø, and also works as arranger and composer. He has extensive experience in improvisation in many different settings, and has collaborated with actors, dancers, authors and poets as well as musicians in different genres. As a composer he has written music for theatre and film, as well as commissions.


All we ask is you bring your eyes, your ears, your presence and also Bring Your Own Blanket - let's get cosy and enjoy each other's company.

We would ask that you do not bring sneezes, coughs and colds - we will be doing everything we can to limit infection - masks and gloves while serving, antibac, registration - the full shebang! We hope our audience will also take care and be responsible for themselves and others.

Disposable masks will be available to those who want and need them.