Techno / Poetry *New Venue*



The event will be hosted at LEVENDE LOKALER in Storgata 108 instead. Also new opening hours.

A musical performance by "TECHNO/POETRY". The concert starts at 9pm.

The concert happens in correlation with a performance earlier in the evening. Link:

The event is generously supportet by UiT – Norges arktiske universitet and the artist-in-residency program AiR Barents.


"TECHNO / POETRY" cheerfully balances from mocking Russian folk to gothic electronics, from dance hardcore to mechanistic disco." If you haven’t mastered formal language, dance however you can, don't think about anything " - declares the Petersburg coop. "TECHNO / POETRY". Roman Osminkin and Anton Commandiroff recently held a spontaneous presentation of the new album alongside the local police station, and it describes the modus operandi of this group well. Techno and poetry are put into the name of the cooperative by the CAPSLOCK – it's not so much the music making of techno in combination with poetry, but the play/performance in techno and poetry. Roman Osminkin’s texts is a hypertrophied salad of citations from social networks, philosophical books and imaginary combat leaflets of left-minded revolutionary organizations. Anton Commandiroff responds with the same undeveloped and deconstructed music. This disco fools in the library.

// About the artists //

Roman Osminkin is a Saint Petersburg based poet, art-theorist, performer and video-artist. Member of the St.Petersburg Writers Union since 2007. Author of poetry and short prose books. Member of the editorial board of «Translit», the most influential leftist journal of poetry and literature theory in Russia. Poetry and criticism published in New Literary Observer (Russia), N+1 Magazine (New-York); Poetry Anthology «The Animated Reader», (New Museum’s 2015 Triennial) and other. He was a member of the Laboratory of Poetic Actionism, which combined video-poems (distributing the poetic word in three dimensions) and more aggressive interventions into public space. Founder of music-art project Techno-Poetry. He is keen to experiment with different media: body and text, voice and language. Ph.D at the Russian Institute of Art History. Osminkin frequently acts as an invited lecturer in various institutions in Russia and around the world.

Anton Komandirov (1978, Ukhta, USSR). Musician, soundproducer and conceptual artist from Saint-Petersburg. Playing guitars, bass, keyboards, samplers, synths. Member of the Russian indie-rock-band Tender Seances and music performer/composer in the Techno-Poetry art project. Also produced some songs by others bands ("Dancefloor in Chechnya" by FRNCHSKA and "Guys waiting for guys" by TS and others), wrote a couple of poem collections ("From the pure heart" 2004 and "komandiroff 2.0" 2007), participated in some movie projects. Works as a model for famous Russian photographers.