Window Shopping, Tromsø Kulturnatta

05.10.2018 til 06.10.2018

Kurant presents moving-image works' from five contemporary artists, projecting onto windows across Tromsø Sentrum as part of Kulturnatta 2018. Each artwork will play on a loop throughout the night.

Works by Eli Maria Lundgaard, Alfred Benedict C. Marasigan, Terese Stenhjem, Silje Eugenie Strande Øktner, Juliane Zelwies can be found at:

Elvegata 5
Bykiosken, Nordre Tollbodgate
Kurant Visningsrom, Søndre Tollbodgate 17
Framsenteret, Hjalmar Johansens Gate 14
Strandvegen 95, 9006 Tromsø

Disappearing Act, 04:32 (2018)

Eli Maria Lundgaard graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design,2015, and recently completed the Master's programme at Malmö Art Academy, 2018.

Lundgaards practijuce explores the inherent need humans seem to have to categorize and organize our surroundings and the different methods we implement in order to do this. We try to put things in order and we search for definitions, systems and frames in which to place things. She believe that what cannot be described physically- that which can only be felt- easily leads to speculation and imagination. What we cannot observe or immediately understand often turn into myths, monsters, and magic. Fictions and dreams blend with the actual world and create a space inside in which we can live and think. Her work strives to appropriate, challenge, and disturb the world around us, actively erasing and blurring definitions and concepts.Through reconstruction and manipulation, she seeks to turn the seemingly familiar into something strange and foreign.

Restless 1 (Taft Avenue), 03:17 (2017)

Alfred Benedict C. Marasigan is currently completing the Masters programme with Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing, UIT, having graduated Magna Cum Laude from a BFA in Information Design, Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Phillipines in 2013.

Marasigan's practice revolves around Canadian geographer Edward Relph’s “sense of place”, always making art in relation to where he is, investigating the questions “Why am I here?” and “Who am I here? How or in what form?” Introspection, phenomenology, and cultural geography are significant elements of his practice and these questions have been recontextualized by his stay in Tromsø; his worldview changing drastically in a very peculiar place in the world. This has resulted in a continuous attempt to negotiate a conflicted existence into historical and technological spaces, through his new-media works. He has begun to look back at his home country to try and see it from a global and virtual perspective. He is a Filipino, gay, millennial, middle-class contemporary artist; these identifiers which he uses for himself carry individually charged associations that he struggles to escape, embrace, repurpose, and reevaluate every day. The spatio-bigoraphical elements of his works consistently explore the complexities and ambiguities of belonging, offering him an entry point, middle ground, and safe space for these inquiries, and help situate us in a world where we must keep questioning who we were, are, and should be

Voyage/Ferd #1, 01:56 (2018)

Terese Stenhjem is based in Bergen, Norway, having graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Bergen National Academy of the Arts, 2012.
Utilisiing video, audio, installation and sculpture Stenhjem incorporates subjects from everyday life, and specifically has been dealing with different types of bodies, focusing on technology, science and the future in an ongoing project entitled 'Vessel'. The project consists of studies and exploration of chambers and membranes in which we are located, as a means to reflect her concerns and hopes for what the human race and the world could become. By visually trying to imitate space, nature and what life could be(come), she ask us; If our world were to be destroyed, how would we respond to the absence of what we take for granted? What if there was no sea, wind or life?

Rootbrann, 01:00 (2017)

Silje Eugenie Strande Øktner graduated from the Masters programme at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO), 2014, and the Bachelor's programme, 2012.

Strande Øktner works across media, finding ways of making works which can exist outside of the traditional gallery environment and often builds work through laws of association. Rootbrann offers no answers, instead presenting us with a dense visual and asking us to respond. "Hva skal til for at noe blir offentlig for eksempel. Og hva kreves om noe er offentlig, statlig støttet forening f.eks? Mer åpenhet og inkludering? Hva blir for internt og lukket? Ment for noen inviterte. Lukkede sosiale møteplasser. Ofesielt åpent, egentlig lukket? Man kan finne felleskap med noen, ta avstand fra andre. I de sosiale sammenkomstene dyrker man noen av interessene og sidene ved seg selv. Slik at man kan overlappe væremåten sin med andres overlappbare væremåte. Andre sider ved seg selv holder man utenfor, sparer til en annen sosial konstellasjon."

Untitled (drawing), 08:24 (2005, 2010, 2015, to be continued)

Juliane Zelwies studied Sculpture and Film in Stockholm and Philadelphia and completed a MFA degree in Media Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). She works with various media such as video, installation and performance. From 2017 - 2020 Juliane is undertaking a research fellowship at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing.

Every five years the filmmaker resumes work to do a self portrait - with pencil and paper. She gauges her vis-à-vis while standing at the easel in her studio, another time by keeping the sketch block in her lap or sitting at the table. What has started in 2005 as a simple experiment with the camera, has over the years become an examination of the filmmaker‘s personal aging process. However, this personal examination is contrasted by the permanent renewal of the technical equipment: Each time the artist flips the paper to start a new drawing, she reveals for a split second which camera model has acted as a model to the artist.