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Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows #2

17.10.2015 til 02.11.2015

Kurant proudly presents:

Bente Ånestad, Siri Borge and Chandra Sen

OPENING 17th October 20:00
PERFORMANCE by Renée van Trier

The exhibition will be open:
18.+19.+25.+26. October
1.+2. November

The artists are working on an installation together containing drawing, photography, video and painting. In the midst of their installation there will be a musical performance by Renée van Trier on the opening night of the show.
"Resistance against the power of existing form"


Bente Ånestad f. 1985 BA Tromsø Kunstakademi.

Has been working on drawings where gender roles and objectification in pop culture has been a main theme. Four drawings of mythical creatures from fairy tales; elves, angels, fairies and mermaids/mermen where the subjects are shown in poses these creatures have been showed so many times, but perhaps not in this form.


Siri Borge f. 1985 BA Bergen Kunsthøgskole

Some of the works Borge is showing is from her project "Hår sår, sår hår", a series of fotocollages. The collages consists of "sublime" screensavers of various landscapes, and parts of the female body- mimicking or copying the landscapes.


Chandra sen f. 1986 BA Gerrit Rietveld Academie MA Kunstakademiet i Oslo.

There is a strange sense of removal in the works of Chandra Sen, at first it seems to be a melancholic neglection of illusion. In her murky coloured oilpainting ” Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, a stage can be discovered in the mist, suspended somewhere aloft empty benches for spectators. In ”When Life Gets Into The Body”, a Broccoli, both male and female, is carefully carved in paint. Hoovering solitary and confident, even indispensable. The small animal on its head adds to the mystery. In another painting ”Tripple Antibiotic” a large tree is juxtaposed with a variety of badly painted cooking utensils. The almost rational images of Chandra effortlessly combines radical improvisation and archaic references, with a renewed and unknown sense of symbolism.


Renée von Trier's music is built of pulsating synthetic loops, dirty drum beats and dark soundscapes.
But it’s another story when she is on stage.
Always impertinent, she likes to embody different characters—each with distinct vocal tones—that toe the line between personal mythology and pop-culture personae.
A supposedly naive contrast, an intelligent mixture of creativity and chaos, a true manifesto for art without inhibitions.
Les Urbaines - 2012 - Lausanne - Switzerland

Photo: Susanne Sakariassen