Everyday Fabulations of the Future

01.11.2018 til 30.11.2018

'Everyday Fabulations of the Future',
by Kristin Tårnes og Kristina Junttila
1. - 30. of November
Outside Søndre Tollbodgate 17

Kurant is thrilled to be screening the film project 'Hverdagslige Framtidsfabuleringer' throughout November in the window of our premises at Søndre Tollbodgate. The film was initiated as part of Kurant Visningsrom's 'Nabolag' project, in 2016. Now as Kurant prepares to leave the Skipverft neighbourhood, after almost ten years, we felt it a fitting, if not mournful, celebration of a community in change to screen this ongoing work in our final month.

For three years, Kristin Tårnes and Kristina Junttila have been filming everyday situations and absurd actions at the old Shipyard on the outskirts of Tromsø Sentrum. During this period the area has undergone substantial changes. Tromsø Skipverft (shipyard), which has been there since 1848, moved to a new location in January this year and, in the time since, nearly all of the buildings have been demolished, large parts of the waterfront has been filled in, and the foundations for one of the new buildings has already been laid. With this project they wanted to offer a different voice to the debate on the development of the city and it's spaces, through which the individual has the opportunity to question these processes and whether they are the best for the cities population.